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Agencies Served by OGC 

The Office of General Counsel represents the Governor and the following Commonwealth agencies:

      .  Council on the Arts

      .  Department of Aging

      .  Department of Agriculture

      .  Department of Banking and Securities

      .  Department of Community and Economic Development

      .  Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

      .  Department of Corrections

      .  Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

      .  Department of Education

      .  Department of Environmental Protection

      .  Department of General Services

      .  Department of Health

      .  Department of Human Services

      .  Department of Labor and Industry

      .  Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

      .  Department of Revenue

      .  Department of State

      .  Department of Transportation

      .  Higher Education Facilities Authority

      .  Insurance Department

      .  Office of Administration

      .  Office of the Budget

      .  Office of the Governor

      .  Office of State Inspector General

      .  Patient Safety Authority

      .  Pennsylvania Parole Board

      .  Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

      .  Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

      .  Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange Authority

      .  Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

      .  Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

      .  Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority

      .  Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System

      .  Pennsylvania State Police

      .  State Public School Building Authority

      .  State System of Higher Education