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Mediation is a voluntary, informal process through which a trained impartial mediator assists in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute. Mediation is non-adjudicative.

It is up to the parties themselves to decide if they can agree to resolve the dispute and, if so, to determine the terms of the settlement as opposed to having a judge or arbitrator determine the outcome.

Mediation identifies the parties' interests, areas of agreement, and works within those areas to forge a settlement that is satisfactory to all involved. The process is voluntary and confidential.

The OGC Mediation Program

The OGC Mediation Program is available to individuals and entities and to Commonwealth agencies and their employees who have a dispute with a state agency.

If the parties agree to submit their case for mediation, the agency completes a Mediation Request Form and submits it to OGC.

Once mediation is approved for a case, OGC will provide the parties with a list of trained mediator​s ​from which they will select an individual to mediate their case.

The list will provide background information on each potential mediator to ensure that the individual has the expertise the parties are seeking and is not from an agency involved in the dispute. In the alternative, the Mediation Director may assign a mediator.

Once selected, OGC will send the mediator an Appointment Letter assigning him or her to the mediation.


Request a Mediation

To request a mediation, complete the Mediation Request Form and submit it via email to the mediation program contacts listed below.


Mediation Program Contacts

Nicole M. Werner, 
Program Director

Alexis Dinniman, 
Program Coordinator​