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Mediation Humor

Mediation Cartoon 1- The mediator sensed that the negotiations were in trouble. (Image of one side sticking there hands in their ears and waving them while the other side is sticking their thumbs on their noses and waving them) Mediation Cartoon 2 - Jameson, the mediator, uses his last remaining negotiating tool in an effort to break the stalemate. (Image of mediator and others doing Rock, Paper, Scissors at the table) Mediation Cartoon 3 - Having pulled an all-nighter, Gonzalez, Kaminsky and Smith were exceptionally well-prepared for the mediation, but... (Image of Gonzalez, Kaminsky and Smith falling asleep at the table) Mediation Cartoon 4 - Judith sensed that the mediation would take more time than the half-day that it had been scheduled for. (Image of both parties at the table turned away with their hands crossed and their backs facing each other)